Airport / Airfield Surveillance

At airports around the world, one of a security officials' main task is to protect the perimeter from incoming intruders and breaches by assessing and communicating any perceived threats, coordinating appropriate responses and gathering evidence for future forensic investigative purposes. 

Airport surveillance

Perimeter Security is one of the most important aspects when considering an airport's security plan. An airport's perimeter is usually equipped with a variety of different technologies ranging from visible video cameras and sophisticated security fences to infrared long-range cameras. Under the veil of darkness and with no safeguards in place, an under-equipped staff would be blind to potential breaches and attacks, and a nighttime perimeter breach could be devastating and bring serious legal repercussions and considerable negative press. A solution that provides total nighttime visibility for a very wide area so personnel can maintain complete perimeter control at all times is necessary to prevent any possible breaches, but the solution also has to be cost-effective and easy to maintain, as well as user-friendly so that non-technical employees can learn quickly.

Challenges specific to airports include: 

  • Kilometers of perimeter fence to secure
  • Exposure to harsh, outdoor conditions: rain, wind, snow, ice, heat
  • Need for stored and forensic data usage
  • Possible important traffic around busy, monitored zones (workers, road, access road, vehicle traffic, animals, airplanes, etc.) 
  • Inability to detect low flying aircraft and wildlife
  • Operator fatigue
  • Integration with common operational picture (COP) workstation and display


Two or three Spynel cameras are able to adequately cover a whole perimeter where several PTZ infrared cameras would normally be used, making Spynel panoramic infrared security systems the ideal solution for an airport's security needs. Using a continuously rotating head, Spynel produces 360-degree images to detect and track intrusions of an unlimited threat in real time.  Even in total darkness and through inclement weather such as fog, rain, snow and smoke, Spynel's mid or long wave infrared sensors can detect a human from several kilometers away! 

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