Industrial Thermography

Thermography for industry

Using a kiln monitoring system in industries which rely on rotary kilns in their manufacturing processes including lime, fertilizer, bauxite, DRI or cement can help reduce overall operating costs while improving the burning process, saving energy and increasing production rates. 

  • Rotary Kiln Hot Spot Detection

    Electro Optical Industries' kiln scanners provide the highest resolution and sensitivity in order to give the earliest warnings of a single refractory brick fall.  In industries that use rotary kilns, thermal scanning to monitor the evolution of hotspots, preventing any risk of permanent, long-term damage is paramount. 

  • Cement Plant Maintenance and Energy Savings

    Electro Optical Industries' unique kiln scanners which provide constant kiln shell temperature monitoring, have been proven to assist in the economic savings of a cement plant's production.

  • Combustion thermal monitoring

    With recent fuel restrictions, the use of alternative fuels is more and more prevalent. While rotary kilns have been utilized for decades, monitoring its burning remains difficult and even more so when energy sustainability has become so important in this day and age. The flame pattern, size, and temperature within a combustion chamber remain crucial indicators in ensuring this process is achieved.