Pyroscan - Pyrometric HDR Camera for Extreme Burning Environments

  • Comprehensive tool for burner adjustment
  • High-temperature kiln camera, providing furnace temperature monitoring
  • Efficient control of flame pattern and heat transfer
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) thermal images from inside the kiln or cooler

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Inside-the-kiln HD Image of flame pattern

Pyroscan - Burner monitoring

The PYROSCAN is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) pyrometric camera with a high image resolution of 1.2 megapixels. It has been designed to provide very accurate temperature monitoring in extreme environments, with temperatures reaching from 700 °C to 1800 °C and in very dusty, smoky atmospheres. It displays real-time high-resolution imagery with temperature measurements at any point of the burning zone inside kilns, incinerators, furnaces or boilers and can detect any changes in the combustion and while providing an image of clinker fall.

Through dusty environments, accurate temperature measurements   

With robust dust filter algorithms, the Pyroscan operates through the challenging, often cluttered burning zone environment. Through reliable temperature reading and HDR imagery, Pyroscan helps an operator stabilize the burning process and homogenize and increase the clinker quality. In addition, efficient monitoring of any changes in flame pattern and heat transfer to the product is provided by Pyroscan, it is a comprehensive tool for burner adjustment, particularly for firing alternative fuels. 


Pyroscan - combustion thermal monitoring



  • A water-cooled pyrometric camera
  • A local electrical control cabinet
  • An automatic insertion/extraction system
  • An air treatment unit
  • A PC with dedicated software (Windows) for data processing and display


  • High-quality images with incredible detail in both the dark and bright areas thanks to the full High Dynamic Range (HDR) thermal images.
  • Image and temperature measurements of the clinker area.
  • Reliable temperature reading (minimized effect of dusty atmospheres).
  • Historical database (video and temperature measurements).
  • Flame shape monitoring with user-defined analysis lines.
  • An unlimited number of user-defined measurements points.
  • Video streaming over IP.
  • A comprehensive tool for burner adjustment, particularly for firing alternative fuels.