Kilnscan - Infrared Line Scanner for Rotary Kilns

  • Unique scan angle from 90° up to 140°,
  • Infrared shell scanner with the highest spatial resolution, smaller than the average refractory brick size,
  • Unique Thermal Warp calculation and historical data management.



Case studies

An in-depth look inside the kiln shell

Kilnscan thermal scanner in operation

Kilnscan kiln shell scanner has been designed for demanding environments. Displaying the full temperature profile of a kiln with the highest resolution and sensitivity, KILNSCAN is a thermal scanner with an incredibly high frame rate: with a single refractory brick resolution, Kilnscan shell scanner will warn of any hot spot detected at the first sign.  Unique, advanced features like the thermal warp calculation and historical data management provide the operator with a comprehensive picture in order to set up a predictive maintenance program.

Extend kiln shell life by thermal scanning 

With the highest scan angle in the industry (90 up to 140 degrees), KILNSCAN easily adapts to any kiln configuration whether a long shell with limited free space around or kilns with multiple shadows generated by posts, etc. Kilnscan provides accurate and reliable thermal measurements, multiple alarms for early event detection, historical data to draw trends and schedule preventive maintenance operations, and advanced refractory management

Kiln shell monitoring software


  • Unique scan angle, up to 140°, to scan long shells
  • Rugged and proven system, designed for demanding environments
  • High spatial resolution to detect single brick fall
  • High thermal sensitivity to warn of any suspect temperature change
  • Automatic calibration with internal blackbody: no drift over time
  • Unique external reference blackbody for unsurpassed accuracy in inclement weather conditions
  • Fiber optic link to the control room to avoid electromagnetic interferences


  • Monitoring and extension of refractory lifetime,
  • Hot spots early warning before damage to kiln, 
  • Continuous full temperature map, with a true one-brick resolution,
  • Reliable preventive maintenance scheduling,
  • Easily adaptable solution for any requirement (multiple shadows – long kiln – limited free space)
  • Scanner data directly linked to Plant Control System