Test bench for IR cameras, CCD & laser rangefinders

EOI's IRCOL test bench includes: 

  • Interchangeable reference sources (visible to far IR) and laser rangefinding testing modules,
  • INFRATEST software, controlling sources and targets, acquiring video signal from Unit Under Test and displaying a complete range of test results.
  • An off-axis projector with a high reflectance over a wide range of wavelengths, from visible to far IR.

IRCOL brochure

Multifaceted test bench for testing IR cameras, CCD & laser rangefinders 

The IRCOL series are test equipment for the characterization and the performance validation of a wide array of electro-optical sensors including CCD and ICCD cameras, laser rangefinders, day/night goggles, visible cameras,  and NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR imagers.

The IRCOL series is designed on a modular concept, and in turn, each brick is selectable depending on the electro-optical sensor being tested. 

IRCOL modular concept

Off-axis projector with high reflectance from visible to far IR

An off-axis projector with a wide, clear aperture and the best wavefront flatness and a high reflectance over a wide range of wavelengths make up the core of the IRCOL system. A diverse selection of optical projectors are available, compatible with test requirements for all standard cameras and laser range finders:

IRCOL main specifications

Accurate alignment including the targets positioning at the focus is demonstrated through the supply of an individual alignment certificate showing the wavefront map.

Any type and size of targets can be supplied, per customer’s specifications. Consult our FAQ pages about infrared targets and download our MRTD target calculation sheet.

A large set of visible, IR reference sources and laser modules

The reference source of the system is selectable depending on the device under test

A large selection of blackbodies for testing SWIR to LWIR cameras

See below the main specifications of low-temperature blackbodies which can light up IRCOL targets. Full specifications available on DCN1000 N/H brochure.

DCN1000 H main specifications

The RCN features an emissive area of 25mm diameter and a temperature range from 50°C to 1250°C. Download the cavity blackbody brochure for full characteristics.

The ECN100 H6 features an emissive area of 150mm x 150mm and a temperature range from 50°C to 600°C. Download the high temperature extended area blackbody brochure for full characteristics.


Visible sources for testing CCD, ICCD, NIR cameras and goggles

The integrating source spheres, from the ISV series, can provide luminance levels ranging from 10cd/m2 with a uniformity better than ± 1% over a 2-inch aperture. For detailed specifications, consult the ISV brochure.


Equipment for laser rangefinder testing

  • Standard laser rangefinder testing module

For all lasers from visible to 1.6 µm, an alignment test between the emitter and visible/IR axis is performed. The system measures the laser profile and divergence.

  • Advanced laser rangefinder testing module

In addition, an extension test can be performed, and the rangefinding accuracy is measured through a multimode fiber optic simulating a distance of 1km ± 10 m.

  •  High rangefinding accuracy and long distances simulation

We can provide other modules simulating distances from 75 m to 40 km with a 1-meter accuracy.


INFRATEST, Electro-Optical test software

INFRATEST controls the optical stimuli delivered to the electro-optical device under test through the control of blackbodies and visible/NIR optical sources, of the target wheel and collimator.

Compatible with a wide range of communication protocols, INFRATEST acquires, displays and analyzes the video signal from all types of cameras.

In addition, INFRATEST is able to run a comprehensive list of test routines for a full characterization of camera performances: spatial tests (MTF, FOV, distortion), detection/recognition/identification range tests (MRTD, MDTD, TOD), noise tests (NETD, fixed pattern noise, temporal noise ...), alignment and harmonization tests ....

See the INFRATEST brochure for more details.