High temperature cavity blackbody

RCN Cavity blackbodies

  • High temperature reference source up to 1350 °C
  • Reduced cooling time due to COOLSPEED technology
  • High spatial and angular uniformity/emissivity
RCN1350N1 cavity blackbody

RCN brochure

The RCN series high-temperature cavity blackbodies are reference sources covering a wide range of wavelengths, from visible to far IR. They consist of a compact emissive head controlled via an electronic unit, and a user-friendly touch screen control panel located on the front of the electronic unit that allows precise temperature selection and stabilization complete with real-time PID parameters adjustment.

The N1 and N2 models come with the CoolSpeed technology. The award-winning, innovative CoolSpeed cuts the cooling time of cavity blackbodies in half and without altering their technical features such as high emissivity, high speed warm up and high stability.

The applications of these large spectral reference sources are for calibration of near-IR and IR sensors such as thermal imagers, SWIR to LWIR cameras, pyrometers, sample emissivity or transmission measurement, reference source for atmosphere global or spectral transmission measurement.

Due to the robust structure of the emissive head allows it is ready for lab or field conditions operations.

Integrated tests with LabVIEW driver

Labview Driver available

For its full range of blackbodies, EOI provides a full-featured LabVIEW driver, compatible with LabVIEW v8 or higher and for all available communication links Ethernet, RS232 and IEEE.

Directly available from the LabVIEW menu are all the required VIs. These functions allow the operator to read the current temperature, send a temperature setpoint, check the stabilization status, among many other functions. For ease of use, the supply also includes an example program built with all the available VIs.

With this driver, all EOI’s blackbodies can be integrated into complex test benches running automatic infrared characterization routines and are fully controllable.