Double extended area blackbody

TwiN1000 double extended area blackbody

  • Two independent 42mm x 42mm emissive areas
  • High thermal uniformity and emissivity
  • Absolute temperature range from 0°C to +150°C

TwiN1000 brochure

]The TwiN1000 double extended area blackbodies are absolute infrared reference sources and can be used as low-temperature infrared reference sources. They consist of a head with two independently regulated emissive surfaces, their temperatures are controlled via a single electronic unit with PID adjusted regulator.

The two emissive surfaces' temperatures are measured in real time thanks to high precision calibrated Pt sensors and controlled with high precision and stability at temperatures below or above ambient temperature. The TwiN1000 blackbody is the ideal blackbody for applications which require calibration temperatures to jump within a second.