EOI's Blackbodies

An infrared blackbody source for every requirement

EOI's IR reference sources come in five different offerings:

  • Differential Sources: differential temperature sources, for the test and characterization of IR imaging systems
  • Extended Area SourcesLow to High temperature extended area blackbodies for field tests and calibration without collimator 
  • Cavity Blackbody Sources High-temperature cavity blackbodies for calibration of infrared sensors
  • TwiN1000 double extended area blackbodies, for applications requiring fast switching between temperatures
  • Cryogenic Vacuum Blackbodies: cryogenic temperature reference sources for spaceborne systems testing

Each of these five categories contains a multitude of configurations including different sizes, temperature ranges, emissivities,  as well as options such as target, aperture & filter wheels and chillers and dry boxes. Feel free to explore our extensive product line below.  If you happen to need something custom made, please fill in the "Information request" form.