Spynel-C Panoramic Infrared Thermal Camera

  • Cooled Long-Wave InfraRed (LWIR) sensor
  • Full Panoramic images with up to 12 Mpix
  • Human detection range up to 3 km 

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Wide Area Security with Spynel-C

360° intrusion detection: Anytime. Anywhere.


  • Cost-effective, reliable surveillance against asymmetric threats
  • Full 360-degree panoramic coverage with a single sensor
  • Long range surveillance up to the horizon
  • Less sensitive to sun glints
  • Day and night panoramic surveillance even in adverse weather conditions
  • Automatic, simultaneous tracking of all threats with superior image quality
  • Compact, robust, lightweight equipment for a fast deployment
  • Fully passive system, totally undetectable - unlike radar!



Spynel-C is a unique 360-degree wide-area surveillance system, producing real-time full panoramic images with automatic intrusion detection and tracking capabilities. It provides powerful situational awareness through the 360-degree imagery of entire surroundings. As a completely passive system, it is invisible to intruders, is not vulnerable to camouflage or jamming, and operates 24/7, whatever the weather.

Early target discrimination for fast reaction

Compact and robust, Spynel-C can be quickly deployed to perform multi-events detection over extremely large areas in total darkness, fog, or smoke. With Cyclope, Spynel's own advanced threat detection software, an unlimited number of tracks are immediately recognized on high-resolution images, including hardly detectable threats, such as small, slow or tangential moving targets (UAVs, RHIBs, crawling men). It can be a reliable and cost-effective standalone perimeter security solution as well as an added layer of capability to systems already in place.

Situation awareness with Spynel-C