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HGH products

To develop the best electro-optics products for our clients, we have always followed the path of innovation, quality and excellence. Discover our range of 360° thermal sensors, our thermal scanners, infrared sources and test benches:

  • Electro-optics for Security

    360° Infrared sensor for Wide Area Surveillance!

  • Thermography for Industry

    Kiln Shell Temperature Monitoring with Infrared Scanners 

    Kilnscan provides accurate thermal maps of your kiln shell and also warns of falling bricks or coating losses at the earliest moment. Kilnscan also provides indicators on medium-term kiln fatigue to help you set up a maintenance program.

    Thermal Cameras to inspect Industrial Burners

    Pyroscan provides HD images for temperature measurement of flame front inside your industrial burners and boilers.

  • Test and Measurement

    Blackbodies & Electro-Optical Test Equipment Suppliers since 1964

    As specialists in IR technologies, EOI manufactures high-end infrared reference sources, blackbodies, with the highest stability, uniformity, and emissivity over a wide temperature range. Furthermore, EOI also supplies infrared radiometer integrating spheres, high accuracy thermometers and versatile test benches for a complete characterization of thermal sensors and infrared detection arrays.