• Continuous surveillance of kiln shell temperature

    11/28/2013 10:31 am

    The maxim “health is wealth” is applicable to the cement kiln, too. As long as the shell is rotating, level of profitability is high. Every time a kiln is stopped, drop in revenue occurs. So the choice of the best monitoring tools providing trust indicators before serious failures occur, is essential. HGH thermal scanner Kilnscan, enabling continuous surveillance of kiln shell temperature, has a central position in the control room of hundreds of modern cement plants around the world. One of the unique advanced features of Kilnscan is the thermal warp computation. 

  • Continuous thermal monitoring of rotary kiln

    02/20/2017 03:46 pm

    As temperature plays an essential part in the formation of clinker, thermal measurements are key data points to be monitored in the cement plant control room. Today’s high-end thermal scanners and cameras provide the cement industry with accurate and continuous surveillance of kiln shell temperature.