Electro Optical Industries’ Groundbreaking new generation of electro-optical testing devices to make its North American debut at SPIE Photonics West

01/24/2018 04:43 pm

EOI will introduce its new generation of electronic blackbody controllers to North American audiences at the 2018 SPIE Photonics West show in San Francisco January 30th-Feburary 1st at their Booth # 4325

At the world’s largest photonics technologies event, the 2018 SPIE Photonics West conference and tradeshow taking place January 30th through February 1st at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, Electro Optical Industries’ brand-new generation of electronic controllers for blackbodies will make its North American debut.

While anticipating the needs of the booming IR sensors market, and recognizing the importance of the human-to-machine interactions in the maintenance and testing of electro-optical devices, EOI developed an advanced generation of blackbody controllers to accompany their industry-leading diverse range of infrared reference sources. Some improvements include improved ergonomics with a modern design; enhanced communication abilities with the blackbody - now at the core of the IR camera testing system; and unprecedented accuracy and stability for years to come.

General Manager, Stephen Scopatz commented, “The modernization of the source controller shows EOI’s commitment and creativity to enhancing the user’s experience with our Test and Measurement products. With the introduction of this totally new controller, we provide the best overall value in this market with excellent performance and an intuitive user interface at a very competitive price”.