Electro Optical Industries’ Expansion in North America Provides New, Cutting Edge Vacuum Blackbodies for Aerospace Industry

11/01/2017 04:04 pm

Electro Optical Industries' vacuum blackbodies can help the aerospace industry accurately test their optical ground support equipment to be used in space.  

Electro Optical Industries’ recent merge with HGH Infrared Systems, has allowed the electro-optics and infrared test equipment manufacturer based in Santa Barbara and founded in 1964 to continue to expand its offerings and services even further to meet a number of challenges facing the aerospace industry.

The vacuum blackbody is specifically designed to operate in a vacuum chamber, at cryogenic or ambient temperatures, to mimic the environment that sensors and other instruments used in space operate in. This application is known as optical ground support equipment, in order to test instruments that will be used in space. The EOI vacuum blackbody can reach over an unprecedented extended temperature range (30 K up to 423 K) and are controlled with high accuracy and an emissivity of 99.9%.

With decades of experience and several references in the aerospace industry for their vacuum blackbodies and vacuum collimators, including the French National Space Agency-National Centre for Space Studies, EOI maintains its commitment to providing the most reliable testing equipment to be used for sensors aboard military, weather, and space satellites.