Airport Security Risks at an All-time High: Intruders Breach Perimeter Security Every 10 Days

03/27/2017 01:34 pm

A report from the Associated Press has revealed that there are persistent problems with the outer defenses of airports.

On average, there is a perimeter breach at an airport or air field once every ten days. In these incidents many intruders have scaled barbed wire topped fences or simply walked past vehicle check points. In recent years the TSA has been more focused on passengers attempting to smuggle weapons onto planes and not the physical security of the airport itself.

Aviation security consultant Jeff Price said the TSA and airports have not done enough to address gaps in perimeter security. In all cases, a breach in airport perimeter security can be extremely dangerous. TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger stated "The question is: What's your ability to detect it and ... what might you do to mitigate that happening in the future?"

Electro Optical Industries’ Spynel 360-degree panoramic view infrared cameras can potentially seal the gap in airport security. The Spynel systems are ideal solutions for airport’s security and surveillance by allowing for detection of a human at several km distance in total darkness and adverse weather including fog, rain, snow, and smoke. The systems use a continuously rotating head to produce 360 degree images and automatically detect and track intrusions in real time. The Spynel system’s ability to detect and track intruders automatically will allow the proper airport authorities to effectively mitigate any breach in perimeter security.

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