About Electro Optical Industries

Electro Optical Industries - Experts in Electro-Optics & Infrared Technology since 1964!

World Leader Photonics and Infrared Systems

Thierry Campos, CEO of EOI

Electro Optical Industries is the world leader in advanced infrared and visible light spectrum test and calibration equipment.

EOI's Engineering team can provide superior custom solutions for the most challenging requirements utilizing years of experience and the reliable building blocks in our standard product portfolio. EOI is the turn-key provider for all of your electro-optical test and calibration needs.

EOI's product offerings include:

The merger with HGH Infrared Systems significantly extends EOI's product offerings to the benefit of our customers, with new references of IR sources and test equipment, and 2 added product lines: thermographic cameras for process control monitoring and infrared wide area surveillance systems for protection of critical infrastructures.

Worldwide Presence

Electro Optical Industries is a global provider of infrared solutions. For several years, EOI has achieved a major part of revenue outside USA, with sales and technical support teams in North&South America, Europe and Asia, as well as representatives in more than 50 countries. In addition, every year we participate in about 50 trade shows around the world.

Please check out the events calendar, or contact us to arrange a meeting.

Your strong Partner for key projects

The innovation spirit

  • 20% of sales revenue is invested in R&D
  • Our team comprises of highly qualified engineers in Optics, Mechanics, Electronics and Software
  • We collaborate on R&D projects with prestigious research labs and universities
  • EOI’s innovations have been awarded several prizes