Optronics system Maintenance

Electro Optical's universal test bench, COPI, can test any and all optronics systems-existing or future. 

Optronic devices tested with COPI

High-end optronics systems commonly being used by defense forces around the globe include day & night vision goggles, MWIR and LWIR thermal imagers, laser rangefinders and infrared sight. The environments these tools are used in are usually very demanding, making regular performance checking and maintenance operations both essential and crucial for troops in theatre. A maintenance bench is oftentimes valued for its versatility in adapting to several different devices that greatly saves in costs, reduces training needs and overall, maintenance difficulties. 

COPI, the universal test bench for optical maintenance, provides very fast configuration settings for testing with the highest accuracy due to its modular architecture for the main optical characteristics of all optronic systems including gain and sensitivity tests,  contract, uniformity, spatial resolution, NETD, MTF, MRTD, FOV and optical axes alignment.