Border Surveillance

Recent years has seen areas such as the US Southern border experience dramatic increases in the amount of armed drug/immigrant smuggler, requiring more heightened levels of security. In addition, at borders all across the world, there is an additional concern of late with regard to a high risk of terrorist activity and drug/human trafficking. Actionable intelligence is paramount to patrols in the field, but the surveillance technologies providing this to border officials face a lot of environmental challenges in these remote locations such as exposure to high heat and other harsh weather conditions. Detection and tracking technologies must also face highly cluttered environments at times from the natural surroundings like local wildlife, tumbleweeds, etc. The geography itself can present its own intricacies as a line of sight is not always available with rugged hills sometimes part of the landscape’s fabric.

Border surveillance

Challenges specific to border surveillance include: 

  • Equipment must be able to withstand harsh environments in remote locations
  • Provide actionable, real-time intelligence to allow for immediate action by patrols in the field 
  • Survey and automatic detection of a variety of different threats, including hardly detectable ones such as crawlers, swimmers, UAVs, RHIBs, etc. 
  • Wide-area perimeter surveillance rural and sometimes mountainous regions with wildlife clutter


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Two or three Spynel cameras are able to adequately cover a whole perimeter where several PTZ infrared cameras would normally be used, making Spynel panoramic infrared security systems the ideal solution for an airport's security needs. Using a continuously rotating head, Spynel produces 360-degree images to detect and track an unlimited number of intrusions in real time.  Even in total darkness and through inclement weather such as fog, rain, snow and smoke, Spynel's mid or long wave infrared sensors can detect a human from several kilometers away! 

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