Cement Plant Maintenance and Energy Savings

Electro Optical Industries' unique kiln scanners which provide constant kiln shell temperature monitoring, have been proven to assist in the economic savings of a cement plant's production.

Thermal mapping of kiln shell


Closely monitoring kiln shell temperature on a rotary kiln greatly contribute to a number of factors as related to the manufacturing process. It can help save on operating costs as it closely relates to equipment running more efficiently and for a prolonged time period. This can also help reduce the risk of unexpected shutdowns as well as optimizing preventive maintenance operations. 

In order to achieve this, high-performance infrared sensors can be used to provide live temperature data on the kiln shell as it rotates in real-time.Using the shell thermal map display, control room operators can view the entire rotary kiln to monitor for tyre slip, hot spot detection or coating loss. Thermal scanners greatly benefit the overall lifetime of the kiln by incorporating useful features such as scheduling preventive actions for the well-being of the production process. 


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Electro Optical Industries' industrial thermography scanners and cameras provide full heating process monitoring. Able to combine important live and stored data as it relates to: tyre slip, thermal warp, kiln speed, brick and coating thickness and global temperature mapKilnscan provides reliable measurements to: 

  • Draw trends
  • Schedule preventative maintenance operations
  • Monitor overall kiln activity 


With over 1,000 Kilnscans still in production today, EOI's reliable systems not only provide an early emergency warning but ensure kiln health for decades by assisting plant managers in practicing a predictive maintenance program.