Thermography for Industry

Infrared scanners and cameras

KILNSCAN scanners and PYROSCAN cameras provide accurate thermal measurements, with high-temperature resolution, prolonging equipment life while saving money on maintenance. They can contribute to improving productivity in quality and quantity by further reducing downtime and energy consumption. 

  • Kilnscan - Rotary Kiln Scanner

    • Unique scan angle from 90° up to 140°,
    • Infrared shell scanner with the highest spatial resolution, smaller than the average refractory brick size,
    • Unique Thermal Warp calculation and historical data management.
  • Pyroscan - Ruggedized HDR Pyrometric Camera

    • High-temperature kiln camera, providing furnace temperature monitoring
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR) thermal images from inside the kiln or cooler
    • Efficient control of flame pattern and heat transfer
    • Comprehensive tool for burner adjustment
  • Pyroscan-U - External Pyrometric Camera for Combustion Thermal Monitoring

    • High-performance 1.2 Megapixels external pyrometric camera
    • No external cooling unit required; a zero maintenance and calibration-free tool 
    • Versatile and accurate thermal mapping for the control of waste incineration processes