Night Vision Test Sets

Electro Optical Industries NV-2500 and NV-2020 set the standards for digital night vision goggle testing.

Night Vision Test Sets


NV-2500 brochure

Designed to test night vision monocular or binocular goggles, the NV-2500 system provides automated testing of all standard NVD operational parameters with unparalleled accuracy and operator ease of use. Using the system via a built-in touchscreen, users can view test results in real time without straining eyes to look through the goggles. EOI's unique system architecture allows for best-in-class repeatability (in-system and system to system) and many of the tests are automated thus removing judgment calls and alignment errors often encountered by user variability, while also improving test time. For backward compatibility, operator performed (manual) versions of the tests are also selectable. Users may download or print test reports via USB or optimized printer with English or Spanish language operation selectable by the user.


The NV-2500s unique architecture includes all the necessary accessories required for operation with all standard NVD tests at no extra charge. Through the touchscreen, operator manuals and contextual help are provided – no need to fumble through paper manuals. Additionally, users may purchase an auxiliary printer to connect to the system for report printing or simply download reports to your preferred device via the USB slot.

Standard Tests

  • Built-in Setup Function
  • Spot Defects
  • Current Draw
  • Diopter Test
  • Intensifier Check
  • Gain Check
  • Collimation Test
  • Infinity Focus
  • High & Low Light Resolution
  • Bright Light Resolution
  • Low battery indicator 
  • Distortion Test
NV2500 screenshot


  • System gain test: Gain reading including ratio between tubes
  • Image quality tests: MTF or USAF target, spot defect zones, collimation and diopter tests
  • Bright light resolution test: Bright MTF test for Gated Intensifiers
  • Resolution tests: Automated MTF to eliminate operator differences and provide real live feedback for focus; manual operation available on standard USAF target
  • NVD battery test: Comprehensive NVD electrical system test for battery packs, power supplies, and helmet mounts
  • NVD current: System current draw and test voltage
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Field of view: 40 degrees
  • Packaged in MIL-STD-810 portable case
  • Battery operation: 4 hours on rechargeable battery, optional 8 hours 
  • Input power 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 36.8 cm (14.5 in) x 38 cm (15 in) x 40.6 cm (16 in) 
  • Weight: 17.3 kg (38.2 lbs) 

Goggle Compatibility

  • Compatible with testing on all Gen 2 and Gen 3 goggles including auto-gated versions
  • Mini-Monocular
  • ANVIS-6
  • ANVIS-9
  • PVS-7
  • PVS-14
  • PVS-15 (coming soon)
  • PVS-18 (coming soon) 



NV-2020 brochure 

NV-2020 night vision optical alignment system presents a resolution pattern at correct infinity focus to both Night Vision Device (NVD) channels at once. It is a compact and portable reference device that allows the user to accurately adjust goggles just before a mission providing for a proper and quick adjustment of all goggle parameters. 

NV2020 no backgrnd


It is paramount that the user adjusts the goggle mount for proper tilt and eye relief, sets up the goggle IPD (Interpupillary Distance) spacing, and adjusts the focus of each eyepiece and objective lens assembly during pre-mission NVD adjustment. 

The NV-2020 optical alignment system allows proper adjustment of all goggle parameters prior to a mission and provides an accurate target at infinity focus. Along with a large folded-mirror collimator, the NV-2020 projects multi-bar patterns of known resolution at light levels that are appropriate for both "high-light" and "low-light" NVD resolution. NV-2020 may be used with any goggle type and the eight-step grayscale covers a range of 2 1/2 decades and checks the NVD over a variety of light levels. 


  • Operation: Field portable, self-contained 
  • Focal setting: Infinity 
  • Reticle Resolution: 0.49 to 1.72 Line Pairs per Milliradian 
  • Reticle Luminance: Approximate Quarter Moon - Normal, Starlight-Low 
  • Operating Environment: Temperature -20 C to + 40 C, Humidity 90% noncondensing, on any optical surface 
  • Wall mount accessory available 
  • Power: Four D Size Alkaline Batteries
  • Size: Case size (with cover) 35H x 27W x 23D (cm) 
  • Weight: 24 lbs/11.1 kg (batteries included) 

Unique Features 

  • NVD quick pre-mission check and adjustment
  • Weather resistant test unit
  • Low battery indicator 
  • Field portable 
  • Infinity focus