Collimators and FLIR Test Sets

Collimators and FLIR Test Sets

EOI's optical collimators offer high on-axis performance with no obscuration. A variety of VIS/NIR/SWIR/MWIR/LWIR sources can be accommodated on our optical collimators at the focal plane. 

  • Test bench for IR cameras, CCD & laser rangefinders

    EOI's IRCOL test bench includes: 

    • Interchangeable reference sources (visible to far IR) and laser rangefinding testing modules,
    • INFRATEST software, controlling sources and targets, acquiring video signal from Unit Under Test and displaying a complete range of test results.
    • An off-axis projector with a high reflectance over a wide range of wavelengths, from visible to far IR.
  • IRCOL 600/6000 : The largest collimator to test very long focal length cameras

    Our IRCOL collimators are designed for the characterization and the performance validation of visible cameras, IR cameras, night vision cameras, goggles, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR imagers or even laser rangefinders. The IRCOL 600/6000 is the largest test bench to test very long focal length Infrared and Visible cameras. 

  • COPI - Universal Optronic Test Bench

    All-in-one Test Solution for Visible, Light Intensification, Infrared & Laser Devices

    • Test of night and day vision goggles
    • Test of thermal imagers 3-5/8-12 µm
    • Test of TV cameras
    • Test of complete sighting systems
    • Test of laser rangefinders and illuminators (1.06 - 1.54 - 10.6 µm)
  • Complete Turnkey Systems

    EOI designs and produces custom equipment for exclusive performance. We provide solutions for the customers' testing needs based on EOI's standard products.