Differential and Absolute Low Temperature Blackbody

EOI's differential and Absolute Low-Temperature sources provide precise, adjustable thermal between a target and the background.

  • Absolute temperature range from –75 °C to +150 °C
  • Extended areas up to 300 mm x 300 mm
  • Differential and absolute operation modes
DCN1000 and motorized target wheel

DCN1000N/H brochure

DCN1000W/L brochure

The fluid-cooled DCN1000W/L and air-cooled DCN1000N/H series are extended area blackbodies, with high thermal emissivity, uniformity, and stability for absolute temperatures ranging from –75 °C to +150 °C.

DCN series consists of an emissive head in which temperature is controlled via an electronic unit with real-time adjusted PID regulator. The emissive head also includes a target support and the emissive surface temperature is controlled with high precision and stability at temperatures below or above target temperature. Both the target and the emissive surface temperatures are measured in real time with high precision calibrated PT sensors.

Various sizes of emissive areas are available to perform other applications such as non-uniformity correction, focal plane array calibration, thermal imager characterization with MRTD, LSF and NETD targets, infrared sensors, etc.

Integrated tests with LabVIEW driver

The full-featured LabVIEW driver - compatible with LabVIEW v8 or higher and for all available communication links Ethernet, RS232 and IEEE - is provided by EOI for its entire range of blackbodies

Directly available from the LabVIEW menu are all the required VIs. These functions allow the operator to read the current temperature, send a temperature setpoint, check the stabilization status, among many other functions. For ease of use, the supply also includes an example program built with all the available VIs.

With this driver, all EOI’s blackbodies can be integrated into complex test benches running automatic infrared characterization routines and are fully controllable.