Test and Measurement

Test and Measurement

Since 1964, Electro Optical Industries has provided leading-edge IR test equipment to manufacturers, test centers, universities and research labs all around the world. EOI’s Test and Metrology offerings encompass blackbodies and integrating sphere based visible sources, multispectral collimators and software for Electro Optical systems testing, Focal Plane Arrays test benches and testing systems for NVDs or visible cameras. 

In addition to the quest for technical excellence, we strive to offer a complete metrology solution for our customers, by sharing our experience and best practices, from consultancy to training and personalized commissioning for our integrated tools. 

  • High Accuracy Thermometers and Calibration Kits

    EOI's precision thermometers are used as general laboratory instruments or as calibration thermometers for EOI's infrared sources.

  • Night Vision Test Sets

    Electro Optical Industries NV-2500 and NV-2020 set the standards for digital night vision goggle testing.

  • VGI-150

    For the last several years, low-cost cameras have been used in a variety of applications such as surveillance, cell phones, and automotive. While reducing costs provides significant benefits to the general consumer, it can also increase the risk of performance declining, especially once stray light enters the camera's lens. A simple and quick check will ensure quality control of these cameras. The Veiling Glare Index Test is a measurement of the image obscuring light scatter in a lens system done by determining the contrast between black and white target areas. EOI has made available the VGI test in a small, affordable platform with VGI-150 and will drive the consistency and higher performance of the low-cost cameras we are increasingly reliant on for backing up our cars and taking selfies with our phones.