Cyclope Hypervisor - For Streamlined Multiple Sensor Management

With Cyclope Hypervisor, when you have multiple Spynel sensors over one or several critical infrastructures, all threats are streamlined on to one single GUI to provide a reliable global monitoring network. 

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Streamlined interface of all intrusions detected by multiple Spynel 

Cyclope Hypervisor - Multi security sensor supervision


  • Efficient Multi-sensor/multi-site operation solution 
  • Early warning of potential threats for faster counter reaction
  • Enhanced security supervision on one user-friendly software interface:
    • Easy configuration of user-defined sound alarms upon detection criteria,
    • Easy creation of customizable bookmarks to classify detected events at a glance
    • The main zoom window on a local Cyclope workstation can be slaved and auto-centred with a click on a track on Hypervisor's GUI.
    • Moving objects or sensor platforms can be localized on the map, using NMEA-over-IP protocol.


Cyclope Hypervisor is a security supervision software that collects and displays all the threats automatically detected and tracked by multiple Spynel sensors, deployed on one or several critical sites, on a single workstation. Ideal for applications where global situational awareness of sensitive civil and military sites/assets is paramount and the security architecture includes a diverse network of wide area surveillance equipment: 

  • Monitoring of several remote sites from one single control room
  • Multiple Spynel sensors for very long distance surveillance (coasts, borders, pipelines, etc.)
  • Multiple Spynel sensors installed in one single site for perimeter security
  • Double sensor solution for a full 360° monitoring around obstructions (building, central mast/chimney of boats, oil rigs, FLNG/FPSO…)

Cyclope Hypervisor automatically detects and connects to all Cyclope workstations on the network and displays in a single user-friendly GUI:

  • the location of all threats and sensors pinpointed on one or more global vector maps, which can be automatically centered on a triggered Spynel sensor
  • a table listing the last detected events, with their ID, location and timestamp
  • the target's infrared thumbnails, location and time information
  • the tracks from different integrated systems (AIS, ARPA Radar …), with filtering capabilities
Cyclope Hypervisor screenshot