Faced with unprecedented growth, HGH expands its brand name worldwide


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March 26th 2019, Igny, France – The world-renowned HGH Infrared Systems is developing its brand image and communication strategy to better reflect its position as a global leader in the optronics market. As an expert in electro-optics and thermal technologies for civil, defence and industrial applications, HGH is experiencing an exceptional growth in sales around the world.

The thirty-seven-year-old French company has offices in Singapore, Beijing and Boston, and announced in 2016 the acquisition of Electro Optical Industries, the world pioneer of electro optical test equipment based in Santa Barbara, CA. To support the company’s development, expanding the HGH brand name worldwide is now a matter of course.

After achieving a very dynamic growth on a global scale, a branding research was undertaken by the firm, which came up with the strategy to harmonize the HGH brand across the globe. Asia Infrared Systems, HGH’s subsidiary in Singapore, and Electro Optical Industries (EOI), will benefit from this rebranding, bearing the HGH identity. HGH’s and EOI’s products, including SPYNEL thermal cameras, blackbody sources, integrating spheres, electro-optical test benches, NVD testing solutions and thermographic scanners are known for their reliability, quality and precision. They cover the whole spectrum of light from visible to IR. The firm's customer service, locally managed, including personalized training sessions, installation, remote and preventive maintenance, systems rental, places the client at the heart of the company's priorities. The decision to harmonize the HGH brand worldwide aims at strengthening the company’s identity, while reassuring its customers on the reliability and quality of the offer.

Thierry CAMPOS, CEO of HGH Infrared Systems, said: ‘’By opting for a harmonized universal brand, we are strengthening our corporate culture and our shared commitment across our subsidiaries. This common identity is built upon quality care, customer service and innovation values, and opens door to a dynamic and highly promising future.’’

Laurent FULLANA, General Manager of HGH Infrared Systems, added ‘’Our goal is still to continue expanding our leading market position in electro-optics through innovative high-tech products and services. By spending more than 20% of our revenue in research and development, we ensure HGH’s innovation and future readiness.’’

Stephen SCOPATZ, General Manager of Electro Optical Industries, said: “As part of HGH, EOI became part of the leading company in our industry; harmonizing brands seals what has been a highly beneficial and successful merger. We will continue to focus on our customer’s needs with cooperation and coordination in every department across all of our locations.

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About HGH Infrared Systems:

HGH Infrared Systems has been an expert in infrared technology for over 30 years. HGH designs, develops, assembles and sells electro-optics systems and software for security, defense, oil & gas, energy and various industrial applications. The company has established itself as an international reference in terms of innovation in infrared technology, through the development of multiple advanced sensors, systems and proprietary software. Since 2016, Electro Optical Industries, the world pioneer of electro-optics test instruments has been part of the HGH Infrared Systems group. Head Office is located in Igny near Paris, in the heart of the French Optics Valley, where the most well-known research laboratories and companies are based.