Your ultimate Integrating Sphere experience from the visible to the SWIR spectrum


Our ISV integrating sphere sources family is now available on the market! It offers a reliable and easy-to-operate reference source, covering a wide range of radiances from the visible to the SWIR spectrum.

Meet the latest generation ISV sources

Easy-to-operate reference sources with unprecedented accuracy!


Our ISV Integrating Sphere Sources have been specifically designed for the calibration and test of cameras and sensors such as night vision systems, image intensifier cameras, radiometers, UV-vision enhancement systems, visible to SWIR focal plane arrays and optical detectors.

Key Features

➤ Our latest-generation ISV technology is controlled via a brand new 2U controller, equipped with an ergonomic touchscreen panel! 

ISV integratingsphere

➤ Its unparalleled stability in radiance and color temperature is obtained through a control loop regulation based on an optical reading, acting on an iris attenuator.

➤ Just like all of our electro-optical technologies, our ISV sources are easily remotely controlled through our INFRATEST freeware! 

➤ Periodic calibration management is also possible thanks to INFRATEST


A Dedicated Version for SWIR Cameras

Testing SWIR cameras has never been so accurate and so reliable: 

➤The SWIR version of our ISV sources was specifically designed for the test and the calibration of SWIR sensors and cameras! It integrates a high performance InGaAs regulation detector ensuring an accurate stability of the radiance over the 0.9 to 2.4 µm spectrum.

➤ Our ISV sources come with their certificate of calibration, International Primary Standard traceable, even in the SWIR range!

Main Benefits

Integrating Sphere sources' 2U electronic controller:

Higher accuracy and stability to low-light camera testing

Real time display of the luminance or radiance

Highly uniform output port 

User-friendly interface with intuitive selection of units and setpoint

- Calibrated radiation from UV to SWIR

- This new ISV controller interface is consistent with our new Blackbody controller


One provider, one software, one protocole for all your needs!