The new INFRATEST is out! Discover the most powerful EO testing software


Discover the new MTF Module

The new INFRATEST MTF Module is applicable to all types of cameras: Visible, Low light imaging, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR

MTF Live Function: 

Optimize your camera settings

User-friendly interface to optimize the spatial resolution of your camera using the MTF Live function showing the curve in real-time and displaying the best obtained MTF: ideal during adjustment process!


High accuracy MTF measurement function

Measure the MTF of your camera with an accuracy better than 1% thanks to our exclusive integrated scanning method. No additional hardware required!

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NEW Distortion & MRC Functions

➤ Distortion measurement finally made simple and accurate

Distortion measurement is now ultra-precise, even with fisheye cameras!

➤ New! MRC Measurements

The new INFRATEST MRC Function is now available for visible cameras

Watch a demo of these tests operated by the new version of INFRATEST, on our customized Wide FOV Camera Test Bench!


"Our technical support team will train you to get the best of your camera using Infratest our powerful and accurate testing software”.

Catherine Barrat, Head of Test & Measurement, HGH


A unique training offer

Keep up to date with the latest software innovations!

Every year, at least one new version of the Infratest software is released, extending and improving its testing capabilities thanks to the most efficient algorithms, while constantly seeking improved ergonomics. We offer a yearly training aiming at optimizing the use of the Infratest Software in order for the operators to collect the most accurate data on the tested equipment.

This one-day personalized training, held in the customers’ facilities, is provided by an HGH engineer specialized in electro-optical systems’ design, development and testing methods.


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