New CN-37 Blackbody to answer your fever detection needs!



► Answering Global Needs in terms of Fever Detection

With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading around the globe, HGH developed a new Blackbody technology to answer IR thermography camera manufacturers' and their integrators' increasing needs: the CN-37 Blackbody.

Main application of thermal imagers consists in screening for elevated body temperature. The detection of fever which is a key symptom of Coronavirus provides a datapoint that can help airports, hospitals, factories, hotels, or any high traffic places to prevent the spread of the disease.

Thermal cameras can ferret out sick people in a crowd by finding those who have elevated temperatures.

In order to avoid any drift or error of detection, a reference temperature point such as the new CN-37 is required in the field of view of the camera.


Accuracy & Reliability for your IR Thermography Camera

The accuracy of measurement is a key parameter in the efficiency of detection of people with elevated temperature. HGH’s CN-37 has been specially designed for this purpose.


► Compatible with all thermography cameras on the market, it provides a real time reference point to the IR camera, thus avoiding any error in temperature reading whatever the environment conditions of the camera.

► CN-37 is compliant with IEC 80601-2-59 standards.


Did you know? HGH is the first and only European company to manufacture and market this technology. An International Primary Standards traceable certificate of calibration at human fever temperature is provided.

The CN-37 is placed in the camera’s field of view:



"HGH is committed to face the COVID-19. All our teams have been mobilized to rapidly develop the CN-37 in order to provide a reliable reference source compatible with all thermal imaging cameras on the market."

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Thierry Campos, CEO