May 2018 - Thermography Newsletter



The Kiln: A plant’s critical asset which needs continuous protection...

Kilns are expensive equipment, designed to run 24/7 during decades. Such a performance relies on the quality of the refractory lining, which protects the steel shell from the extreme conditions inside.

KILNSCAN is the kiln's "guardian angel": continuously monitoring the shell, the thermal scanner provides operators and maintenance managers with real-time temperature data over its whole surface.

  • Timely preventive maintenance: Just-in-time re-linings, when bricks are reaching the end of their potential.
  • Monitoring tyre slip, to prevent excessive stress applied to the shell and possible damages to refractories;
  • The calculation of thermal warp: Kilnscan gives you all the information you need about the kiln’s potential imbalances and stresses, thanks to this exclusive EOI scanners feature!

All in one, scanners support sustainable kiln operation in the short&long terms, allow fast reactions, reduce breakdown risks, downtime and costs.

A tight monitoring of the combustion, at the origin of efficiency & sustainability... 

Many operators of kilns or furnaces are actively involved in the circular economy as their fuel mix includes a growing share of alternative fuels. Those require a tight monitoring of the combustion, the flame shape, the temperature...

Some other operators use kilns to burn various types of waste and need to make sure that the incineration process is perfectly efficient.


This is where PYROSCAN cameras come in! 

They allow not only to see what is going on inside the kiln, but also to accurately monitor the behavior of the process, quality of the product, temperature of critical parts:

- Real-time optimization of the operating point of the burner: less emissions and reduction of costs;

- Continuous monitoring of the temperature of products close to the outlet of the kiln: maintain a high and stable product quality;

Surveillance of the temperature and status of refractories insite the kiln in order to avoid premature wear....

Thermography equipment strongly contributes to keeping a high level of efficiency and more generally sustainability at various timescales: for the preventive as well as fast curative maintenance of installations, for the extension of asset lifetime, for the continuous improvement of product quality and optimization of operating costs, for the reduction of emissions and preservation of the environment…

Coupled to benefits above, the robust design and long lifetime of EOI scanners and cameras yields significant NPV of projects at our clients.