Feb 2017 Thermography

Shadow Pyrometers Prevent Blind Spots in Kiln Shell Monitoring

Along a cement plant’s rotary kiln, a phenomenon known as shadow areas occur when obstacles are in the line of sight of the scanner, which is often the case with pieces of infrastructure, tyres, gears, ducts, posts or pillars. Because of this, thermal scanners cannot properly measure the temperature of the kiln shell, creating a potentially risky operation for the plant....Read more about it here!Download the Kilnscan brochure here!


Pyroscan-U from EOI Increases Efficiency for Waste-To-Energy Facilities

Over the last two years, Electro Optical Industries has developed a unique algorithm specially designed in partnership with a worldwide leader in waste incineration to provide accurate flame-front detection in furnaces of waste-to-energy plants. This ruggedized HD camera, Pyroscan-U, is positioned outside the calcination chamber or high temperature burning zone of furnaces, boilers...Read more about it here! Download the Pyroscan-U brochure here!

pyroscan u

Continuous Thermal Monitoring of Rotary Kilns

As temperature plays an essential part in the formation of the clinker, thermal measurements are key data points to be monitored in the cement plant control room. Today’s high-end thermal scanners and cameras provide the cement industry with accurate and continuous surveillance of kiln shell temperature..Read more here! 

continuous therma

Pyroscan-U - New Waste Incineration Video

Watch our new video on the Pyroscan-U! In this video we watch how the Pyroscan-U monitors kiln shell temperatures at a Waste Incineration facility. Click the image below or here!