Feb 2017 T&M

Join us next month at the SPIE DCS Show in Anaheim!

At next month's SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing Exhibition, EOI will be presenting their newest product: the VGI-150. The veiling glare index test is the measurement of the light scatter in a lens system done by determining the contrast between black and white target areas. The unique design incorporates a sphere within a sphere making the system more compact than any other existing sphere for the same application, allowing for an easy deployment on a production line. 

VGI 150

SPIE DCS takes place from April 11-13th at the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim, CA. Visit EOI's booth 526!

Introducing: DMS800 - Detector Measurement System

DMS Test System

For a complete and exhaustive test of IRFPA detectors, the DMS800 can provide noise tests (with fixed pattern noise, temporal noise, NETD responsivity, detectivity, 3D-noise, and 2D detectivity), non-uniformity correction, bad pixel localization, spectral response and MTF...Read more about it here! 

Download the DMS800 brochure here!

New Features added to EOI's High Temperature Extended Area Blackbodies

Our NEW high temperature extended area blackbody model, the ECN100 VH6, now emits up to 800°C over a 36 in² surface. We also offer enhanced temperature ranges on ECN100 H6 and H12 with a true radiometric emitted temperature up to 600°C. 

ECN 100

Download our ECN100 brochure here!