Mar 2016 Thermography

NEW PYROSCAN-U, HDR pyrometric camera, monitors calcination and high temperature processes, without requiring any cooling unit

HGH Infrared Systems is proud to present the PYROSCAN-U, a new HDR (High-Dynamic Range) thermal camera, specifically designed for pyroprocessing applications where combustion phenomena or high-temperature heating can be observed from outside of the calcinating chamber, through a window.

Thermal monitoring in incinerators with Pyroscan-U
High-resolution thermal monitoring in incinerators

Pyroscan-U is a ruggedized, small-footprint box, with outstanding performance and advanced functionalities for the imaging and thermal monitoring of high-temperature processes. It features the highest spatial resolution in the industry: in addition to displaying images with the sharpest quality, Pyroscan-U also provides accurate temperature measurements over more than 1.25 millions of points. There will be no blind zones inside the furnace; the whole flame, product or generally hot area of interest, will be under close surveillance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, with a high dynamic range of 120 dB, Pyroscan-U can reveal details both in the darkest and in the brightest areas of the combustion chamber. A specific proprietary dust filtering algorithm, embedded in Pyroscan software, completes the sensor performance for a perfect image quality in the toughest environments.  

Pyroscan-U Flame front automatic detection
Pyroscan-U: automatic flame front detection

The Pyroscan software has been developed to bring convenient and versatile solutions to the thermal monitoring challenges in furnaces, boilers, incinerators, smelters, kilns... The digital zoom and the ability for the user to define an un-limited number of free-form areas of temperature measurements, enable the focus for thermal monitoring over zones of interest, where alarm thresholds can be configured and linked to the Plant Control System. Process events located in different parts of the furnace, varying in exposure, can be emphasized thanks to an extensive set of look-up tables. A complete toolbox provides a real-time analysis of temperature measurements over the user-defined areas: real-time line profile; min., max., mean curves versus time; 3D representation of temperatures at each point of a cross section versus time. Videos and data can be recorded, visualized in replay mode, and exported to .avi files.