Nov 2015 - Spynel

New Cyclope Video: Connecting Spynels for Centralized Security Supervision with one Click!

From offshore oil and gas platforms and shipboard surveillance to nuclear plants and airports; large critical infrastructure sites require consistent wide area surveillance measures to operate 24/7. Now with the Cyclope Hypervisor feature, managing data with several Spynels across a network is easily managed with one click in our user-friendly software! Click the screenshot below to play the video and get a better idea for all the ways Spynel+Cyclope Hypervisor can help you manage surveillance of large sites!

Electro Optical Industries Innovating for Operational Ease: Cyclope Hypervisor will now Streamline Management over Multiple Critical Sites

EOI has introduced a new feature to accompany their advanced intrusion detection and tracking software, Cyclope, with the addition of Hypervisor. Ideal for critical sites where multiple Spynel are deployed, Cyclope Hypervisor centralizes all data to offer a geolocation of all events tracked by all Spynels over a common network or across the globe... Read the full Press Release here

Cyclope Version 3.8 Available Now!

For nearly 15 years, EOI's teams have developed advanced algorithms for detection and tracking of all types of targets: humans, vehicles, RHIBs, wooden skiffs, aircrafts and small drones. This new release of the Cyclope software is fully compatible with our newest sensor, the Spynel-M and includes several new functionalities. The Cyclope software upgrade from older release to v3.8 is available for free, please contact us for more information! 

UAV Video: Spynel Tracks as Octocopter Makes Octo-Loops!

UAVs are notoriously hard to detect and track with more conventional methods such as radars, due to their small size and low heat signature. With Spynel's infrared thermal imaging technology, even smaller, hard to detect UAVs are picked up and followed.Watch as Spynel and Cyclope continuously track this Class I UAV, an octocopter, even as it makes several loops and changes direction. Click the screenshot below to play the video clip!