April 2015 T&M

INFRATEST universal and easy-to-use software for testing E/O systems

INFRATEST is a powerful software for testing IR, visible and NIR cameras, ICCDs, goggles and laser rangefinders. Please check out the video below and discover some of the main benefits of INFRATEST.

Combined with HGH’s blackbodies, IRCOLs and LICOLs’ target projectors, INFRATEST becomes a complete and universal testing solution. The INFRATEST system acquires the camera’s video signal and compiles an exhaustive list of processing functions for the characterization of camera performances. At the same time, it manages the optical stimuli delivered to the camera through the control of the blackbody or the visible/NIR optical source and its accessories (collimator, target wheel and targets, harmonization modules, etc.). Test results can be exported through different formats (.csv, .xml and .png) for further analysis and a complete reporting of the tests is also released under .html format.

The INFRATEST system includes a PC workstation, video acquisition modules (compatible with LVDS, Camera Link, Gige Vision and all types of analog formats – CCIR, PAL, RS170, NTSC) and the INFRATEST software.

INFRATEST test setup synopsis

Depending on the equipment undergoing tests, different versions of INFRATEST are available. See more details on INFRATEST webpage.

IRCOL: A wide range of collimators for visible and IR sensor testing

A collimator is an optical system that projects the image of an object at infinity. It is used to measure the performance of electro-optical devices calibrated for distant objects, such as cameras. Depending on the characteristics to be tested, targets with different patterns are set in the focal plane of the collimator and illuminated by an IR blackbody or a visible source.

LICOL 300-1500 testing a CCD camera

LICOL 300-1500 testing a CCD camera

HGH's IRCOL projectors are off-axis collimators with a large optical aperture, occultation-free on a wide spectral range. A new model, the IRCOL 150-750, has been added to the existing 4 models in IRCOL's catalog. See below the picture of the IRCOL 150-750 equipped with a high temperature cavity blackbody. Note also in this catalog, the IRCOL 250-1500S, specifically developed for operation in a climatic chamber, with an operating temperature range from -54°C to +71°C.

IRCOL150-750 with RCN1200N1 cavity blackbody

IRCOL 150-750 projector equipped with RCN1200N1 high temperature cavity blackbody

These IRCOL collimators, with different focal lengths and pupil diameters, cover most E/O systems testing needs, and are available with a delivery period of less than 4 months.

In addition to these standard projectors, HGH is happy to develop custom collimators to meet your specific requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us.