Sept 2014 Thermography

PYROSCAN – For a kiln HD Ready

With 1.2 Mpixel images, the new  PYROSCAN, from HGH Infrared Systems, is the highest resolution pyrometric camera on the market, providing accurate measurements of temperatures, throughout the 700 °C to 1800 °C thermal range and at any point in the image. But beyond the high number of pixels in the image, the secret for its unrivalled image quality lies in 3 letters: HDR.

HDR image of the combustion flame
HDR image of the combustion inside a kiln

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. PYROSCAN combines a specific configuration of the detector and proprietary software features for signal processing, to generate a high dynamic range image. This provides the ability to see, simultaneously in a single view, details of the flame and of the brightest areas inside the kiln, and also of the clinker, including in the darkest zone at the cooler entrance. Moreover, the PYROSCAN software provides an advanced anti-dust image processing filter. Thanks to this outstanding visualization capability, the combustion condition, the flame shape, the length of the black root, the clinker aspect, as well as avalanches and red rivers inside the grate cooler appear crystal clear to the operators in the control room. Therefore, they can instantly see impacts of burner adjustments, variation in raw meal composition or mix of alternative fuel. In addition, PYROSCAN measures and keeps track of the temperature on an unlimited number of user-defined measurements points, with high accuracy even through dusty atmospheres. PYROSCAN, the state-of-the-art Gigabit Ethernet pyrometric camera provides an unsurpassed combustion process monitoring.

Wide Angle on Kilnscan installation in Kenya

At Kaloleni, near the Kenyan coast, ARM produces 1500 tpd of Pozzolanic and Ordinary Portland Cements, using a 45m long rotary kiln. Serious about clinker quality and concerned about operational cost optimization, ARM chose KILNSCAN thermal scanner to prevent any interruption in production due to hot spots, and to control the burning process. Even if the kiln is relatively small, this project was a challenge, because the scanner has to be set up at a very close distance from the shell, less than 10 meters. To measure the temperature on the entire surface of the rotary kiln shell, with a single sensor, it was necessary to install a system with a scan angle greater than 130°.

Kilnscan at Kaloleni plant
Kilnscan software in control room at Kaloleni plant

With a field of view (FOV) up to 140°, the thermal scanner KILNSCAN, supplied by HGH Infrared Systems, can provide a simple and effective solution to this type of demanding configuration. At such a reduced distance from the shell, two traditional scanners, with FOV of 90 °, would have been necessary in order to achieve a complete thermal monitoring from the output of the pre-heater tower, to the input of the cooler. The use of two systems would incur additional costs and installation difficulties. KILNSCAN, with a wide scan angle of 140 °, perfectly meets ARM’s specific request for a cost effective thermal monitoring system, adapted to the limited space between the scanner protection cabin and the shell.

Video: KILNSCAN Software at a Glance

Please check out this new video and discover some of the main features of the KILNSCAN software, which keeps the kiln shell under close 24/7 surveillance.

In the press

"The Digital Age Encourages Paper Industry to Modernize and Adapt New Technologies", in Digital Journal: KILNSCAN to enhance preventive maintenance at paper mills.

"HGH launches PYROSCAN at IEEE-IAS/PCA Conference", in World Cement: the new Pyroscan, with HDR technology, at the North-American Cement Conference.