May 2013 T&M

TwiN1000 doubles the performance, not the price

The TwiN1000 double extended area blackbodies are absolute infrared reference sources. They can be used as low temperature infrared reference sources. They consist of a head with two independently regulated emissive surfaces. Their temperatures are controlled via a single electronic unit with PID adjusted regulator.
The emissive surfaces temperatures are controlled with high precision and stability at temperatures below or above ambient temperature. The two emissive surfaces temperatures are measured in real time thanks to high precision calibrated Pt sensors.
The TwiN1000 blackbody is the ideal blackbody for applications which require calibration temperatures to jump from one to another within a second.


  • Compact head
  • One electronic unit for two emissive areas
  • Easily integrated in production testing line
  • Two independent emissive areas for the price of one blackbody.

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eBlackBody, the remote control for your blackbody

...And now, the remote control of your blackbody, with a swipe of your finger, comes true. With eBlackBody smartphone application, users can access, with their smartphone or tablet, to all parameters of connected HGH’s blackbodies.
eBlackBody app is compatible with the whole family of HGH’s blackbodies: high temperature cavity blackbodies, up to 1200°C, high temperature extended area blackbodies, absolute and differential low temperature blackbodies. Simply with a smartphone in hand, you can control all blackbodies on your network. There is no risk of conflict: the blackbody is identified in the app with the name you have chosen. Wherever you are, in a glance, check when the source is stabilized, to run your characterization test campaign right in time. When a low level of light is required, the screen backlight can easily be adjusted to non-disturbing levels. The temperature can be displayed in degree Celsius, Kelvin or Fahrenheit.

Click on the image below to see eBlackBody in action.

Integrated tests with the new LabVIEW driver for blackbodies


HGH Infrared Systems has developed a full-featured LabVIEW driver for its family of blackbodies. It includes all the necessary subroutines to control the HGH IR reference sources. The LabVIEW driver is available whatever the chosen communication link with the blackbody: Ethernet (default configuration), RS232 or IEEE488. It is compatible with LabVIEW from v8 version. The included virtual instruments (VIs) enable, of course, to change the temperature set value, to read and display the current temperature of the blackbody, inform of the stabilization status, change the regulation mode from absolute to differential, and more. See below an extract of available VIs. We also provide a program example using all VIs.