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HGH Infrared Systems releases new Cyclope 3.5 software

Igny, July 8, 2013 – After more than 8 years of developments, Cyclope has reached maturity. The time has come to rethink the design. And it changes everything!Cyclope is a high-performance motion detection software. Combined with HGH’s Spynel, panoramic infrared imaging camera, it provides unsurpassed 24/7 situational awareness. Alongside the launch of new models in the Spynel product range (see Spynel-S launch announcement), HGH chose the multi-awarded NoDesign agency to recast Cyclope’s GUI. The challenge was not only to set up a new graphical appearance, but first and foremost to enhance software architecture in order to provide users with improved ease-of-use, while maintaining high target detection and tracking capabilities. Among the new features, the timeline window, the bookmark function, the new layout selection interface, help surveillance operators with quickly discriminating and classifying multiple potential threats. Click on the picture below to have an overview of Cyclope 3.5. This software version is also compatible with the last developments for the Spynel integration into global security systems, such as GPS, AIS and radar data integration, and automatic control of PTZ systems for target identification.

No trespassing: thousands of square kms under scrutiny

Igny, June 26, 2013: HGH is proud to announce the upcoming delivery of the 100th Spynel. A multinational oil and gas company has just placed an order for 3 systems, to protect their facilities in the Middle East, where overseas workers security has become a major preoccupation.
The Spynel and cyclope software are now key elements in the surveillance system of numerous critical infrastructures around the world, including large airfields, wide desert areas around FOBS and compounds, land and maritime borders, ports entry or estuaries, onshore and offshore oil&gas facilities…
With all the 100 deployed panoramic sensors, it would be possible to secure a territory with the size equivalent to the island of Majorca, without blind zones. Any movement, in the total area, would be highlighted, tracked and recorded via Cyclope interface, even in total darkness, or bad weather conditions.

The Spynel attracts attention in the mining industry

Cambridge, MA, June 25, 2013: With recent raids on extraction sites, mining operations’ security comes back at the forefront of executives’ priorities. HGH Infrared Systems, Inc. and STARA Technologies recently co-exhibited at the Elko Mining Expo in Elko, NV on June 6-7. HGH’s Spynel system provides automated intrusion detection and tracking over 360 degrees at detection distances up to 6km for a human. Its fast frame rate and unique panoramic capabilities ensure powerful Wide Area Surveillance (WAS) through real-time night and day simultaneous visualization of an unlimited number targets over 360 degrees.

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Spynel in the news

New vendors demonstrate technology focused on ‘border surge’ : Bailey McCann, from CivSource Online, addresses US border surveillance need and interviews Briana Shea about benefits of the Spynel in this application.

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U.S. Coast Guard Forum May Issue features an article dedicated to tracking and surveillance on open water. Josh Howlett explained how the Spynel solution satisfies the requirements and meets the challenges that are found at sea.

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