Dec 2012 - Spynel

New video segment

We have decided to add an exciting new segment to our newsletter: videos.  Every month we will share with you a video sequence of the Vigiscan in action. Please check out this sniper detection video:

HGH Celebrates 30th Anniversary by Filming Down the Seine River

HGH has continued celebrating 30 years of success by gathering employees for a cruise down the Seine River. Mounted atop the boat - the Vigiscan. Check out this panoramic infrared pictures of the AlexandreIII bridge, seen through the Vigiscan. Video to come shortly.

Panoramic infrared image of AlexandreIII bridge

HGH Participates in Urban War Setting Tests

The French Army demonstrated its urban combat capabilities at the urban warfare training center at the Sissonne Army Base, 180 km northeast of Paris last month. This exercise was presented to officials from the French Defense Ministry and Members of Parliament. About 200 soldiers, with armored vehicles and tanks, ran a scenario of conflicts in crowded city, to spotlight the expertise of army troops in such operations. The goal of this event was also to demonstrate the benefits that the future Scorpion program will bring to soldiers engaged in urban combats, which is becoming more and more common in modern warfare.

During this demonstration, HGH Infrared Systems met General Ract-Madoux, Chief of Staff of the French Army, and Members of Parliament, and showcased the Vigiscan, combined with the PILARw Ground system from Metravib: the unique solution for sniper detection before, during and after the shot. While the Vigiscan provides near real-time panoramic infrared imaging with detection and tracking capabilities, the PILARw Ground system ensures fire shot detection and location within 2 seconds after the shot.

French army exercise at Sissonne

Urban combat demonstration at Sissonne

HGH Wins Govie Award for Best Thermal/ Night Vision Solution

Government Security News names HGH Infrared Systems as a winner, in the Thermal/Night Vision/Infrared Cameras category, in GSN’s 4th Annual Homeland Security Awards competition.

All winners were honored at a festive dinner GSN hosted in a ballroom of the Washington, DC Convention Center where hundreds of industry and government officials were in attendance.

Vanessa Couturier, General Manager of HGH Infrared Systems, commented “For the last 5 years, the Vigiscan has successfully helped ports and airports around the world, as well as government agencies, to secure their perimeter, night and day.  It is truly an honor to be rewarded by GSN magazine today for our technology performance and achievements!”

The winners were selected by a panel of objective judges, according to Jacob Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief of Government Security News. “We received an outstanding group of entries and have handed winners’ plaques to an exceptional group of companies and government agencies,” said Goodwin.