Sep 2010

OMAHA Airport awarded HGH to secure its site

OMAHA airport chose VIGISCAN

HGH won the contract to secure the airport in Omaha (USA) thanks to their unique and innovative solution, VIGISCAN. Indeed, VIGISCAN is an infrared panoramic surveillance system enabling detection and visualization of any intrusions or suspicious movements in a several kilometer radius.

This revolutionary technology offers many advantages compared to traditional security solutions. Thermal imaging gives a day/night high quality image. The image analysis, based on a powerful algorithm dedicated to the panoramic view, detects automatically a single man up to 3km. Moreover, the VIGISCAN system detects and displays to the operator a multitude of threats simultaneously over 360 degrees. The centralized information and the user-friendly GUI simplifies greatly the operator task.

In addition, the exceptionnal coverage of this panoramic sensor reduces significantly the installation and infrastructure costs which represent generally a large part of the security systems budget. For Omaha airport, only two Vigiscan sensors were sufficient to cover the whole area to be monitored.

VIGISCAN - LWIR rotating sensor

More generally, VIGISCAN is a continuously rotating thermal camera that can be compared to an optronic radar. Its operating principle and its performances are revolutionizing the security market for airport monitoring because a single equipment can replace a multitude of cameras and perimeter sensors. HGH, which design and develop the whole system, can provide the Vigiscan solution either to end users or to integrators of security market.

The VIGISCAN technology is also well suited for port security, anti-piracy, border/coastal surveillance, and protection of sensitive industrial sites.

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