Jan 2009

Test and Metrology - Absolute and differential low temperature blackbody - DCN1000L


HGH, expert in infrared optronics, now offer a wide range of low temperature blackbodies DCN1000L series. Temperature range is -40°C to +100°C in absolute mode and -60°C to +80°C (related to ambient temperature) in differential mode. These blackbodies are available in 5 various emissive surface dimensions, i.e. from 50x50mm to 300x300mm.

The blackbody head is regulated by a separate controller of 0.001°C display resolution. The source is controlled either from the controller touch screen panel or from a PC via Ethernet, RS232 or IEEE488 interfaces.

The absolute and differential temperature ranges are guaranteed whatever the operation conditions are. Indeed, contrary to conventional cooling air fan systems, continuous circulation of a cooling fluid enables efficient evacuation of the heat whatever the ambient temperature is.

Thermography - Sales record in 2008

HGH comfort themselves as a leading supplier for industrial thermography. In 2008, the company has delivered over 120 infrared line scanners worldwide.

Security - New infrared panoramic camera Vigiscan10


VIGISCAN10 sensor gives a real-time thermal image 360°(H)x10°(V) FOV which is particularly suitable for marine applications. Its visualisation and detection software can be used for monitoring shores or seaports, assisting crews for day/night navigation, detecting terrorist threats and preventing acts of piracy on ships or oil platforms.

The system raised a lot of interest at the Euronaval show which HGH attented.



Within the Systematic Competitiveness Cluster, HGH have been appointed as coordinators of the XVISION (eXtended VISION) project. The purpose is to develop cameras for imaging under extremely wide range of scene lighting conditions. The main aim is to limit the detector blooming effect which results from sun or car headlights exposure in order to improve the optronic detection systems efficiency for security applications.