March 2008

Spectral infrared camera


HGH have developed IMSPEC, a new camera for spectral analysis of infrared scenes. This camera enables to combine one infrared image (3-5 or 8-12 µm bandwidth) with a spectral analysis of the signal. This imaging spectroradiometer gives infrared images at 15 different wavelengths with up to 150Hz frame rate.

This new spectro-radiometer can be used for measurement with high radiometric accuracy of infrared signatures of moving and fast objects (0.2 µm spectral resolution).

Extended temperature range for differential blackbodies


HGH now offer all their differential blackbodies in the DCN1000H version. While the standard DCN1000N blackbodies can cover -5 ° C to +100 ° C, the new DCN1000H sources cover -15 ° C to +150 ° C.

The emitting surface range of 50x50mm² up to 300x300mm² is unchanged. A target plate or wheel (manual or motorized) whose temperature is measured in real time can be fitted to every available source. The sources are compatible HGH's IRCOL collimators.

Software upgrade for rotary kiln monitoring


HGH extend the capabilities of the Kilnscan infrared line scanner system for kiln shell temperature monitoring with the following new features:

  • Slide show of saved images to overview at a glance the thermal profile evolution over any period.
  • Permanent display of position and temperature value of the kiln hotest point.
  • Separate thresholds for activation/deactivation of alarms (hysteresis).

Panoramic detection through GigabitEthernet


HGH's VIGISCAN infrared panoramic camera has undergone a major evolution. Now GigabitEthernet as communication protocol between the panoramic sensor and its PC triggering the alarms on intrusion is available. Consequently, data transmission over long distances (via optical fibre or wireless) is made easy.


HGH have recently opened a branch office in the USA to meet the growing demand of the North American market. Together with their headquarters in the Paris area and their office in Beijing, HGH aim at providing an ever more efficient way to serve their clients, worldwide.