July 2006

New Blackbody


HGH, expert in infrared optronics, have just upgraded their blackbody DCN 1000 N7. This infrared reference source has a wide emitting surface of 180mmx180mm. The absolute temperature of this blackbody ranges from +5°C to +100°C while the differential temperature ranges from -20°C to +75°C compared to the ambient.

This source offers high accuracy and thermal uniformity, and is used for characterization and calibration of infrared sensors (MRTD, NETD, MTF...).

An universal library for remote control

HGH offer to their customers a free solution for piloting their blackbodies through USB interface thanks to dedicated software. Now, HGH propose an optional programming library which is compatible to all blackbodies produced by HGH. That library enables to integrate the source control inside software developped by the customer.

New representation agreement for export

HGH has executed an agreement with LASER 2000 GmbH (Germany) for the distribution of their products dedicated to laboratories (blackbodies, test benches...) and industry (scanners for thermography, pyrometric camera...) in german language countries.

Thermography for high temperatures


HGH have developped a new version of their pyrometric camera for high temperatures (>700°C). Pyroscan28 enables to visualise in real time a combustion zone and simultaneously to measure temperatures of several points inside the image.

It is accomodated to thermography applications in kilns of cement plants or boilers in power plants.