The Hunters Become the Hunted: An “Infrared Radar” from Electro Optical Industries Can End the Poaching Epidemic

12/12/2016 04:10 pm

Africa is losing a decades-long ongoing battle to save its precious wildlife, animals like rhinos and elephants are being hunted down, almost to extinction, by highly organized criminal networks.

As reported by the Namibia Economist, during the month of November alone, 7 rhino carcasses were found in Etosha National Park, bringing the number of poached rhinos for the entire year up to 47. Even worse  than the Rhino death toll, the number of poached elephants for the 2016 year so far is at 67.(

Wildlife trafficking has become a million-dollar criminal enterprise and poaching these precious animals causes corruption, threatens peace, and destabilizes economies and the communities that depend on wildlife for tourism and other vital industries. Electro Optical Industries (EOI) offers a passive thermal imaging camera which can detect and track these poachers.

EOI’s Spynel™ cameras are unique, 360-degree thermal imaging systems that take wide-area surveillance to the next level, giving an early intrusion alert to an unlimited number of targets, such as: crawling men, small wooden boats, RHIBs, UAVs, stealth aircrafts, etc. at distances of up to 30 km, depending on the threat. With a stand-alone, persistent surveillance system that’s previously been deployed to protect critical infrastructures all over the world, Spynel will detect the poachers well in advance to allow wildlife conservation officers to take necessary action before the criminals have a chance to inflict harm upon the animals. EOI and Spynel are dedicated to preserve these precious animals and their legacy for generations to come.