The Digital Age encourages Paper Industry to Modernize and Adapt new Techniques

08/13/2014 02:35 pm

Rapid changes within the paper industry require companies to adapt to new technologies to keep sustainable growth.

The paper industry in the US is responsible for 20% of the world’s paper production, second only to China since 2008 which accounts for 25%. Like many of the older, more traditional manufacturing industries that have been hit by the digital era, the paper industry has been following a slow, yet consistent decline trend in the US with the domestic paper mill revenue totaling $49.4 billion in 2013 (Source: Of course market trends and cultural changes will continue to change and shape  industries, allowing companies an opportunity to adapt, progress, and improve along with the innovations of the time. By having the most advanced, trusted, and cost efficient equipment on the market, paper manufacturers will be able to keep pace with the ever-changing nature of the business. 

The Kilnscan, from Electro Optical Industries, is a proven solution that can help paper manufacturers monitor the settings involved with the burning process in production within their rotary kilns, thereby ensuring a smooth and efficient process. This unique thermal scanner features high spatial resolution to detect a single brick fall as well as high thermal sensitivity that warns about any temperature change or hotspots before any damage occurs. A rugged system, Kilnscan has been designed for demanding environments such as those involved in paper production. With the highest scan angle in the industry (at up to 140°), Kilnscan can adapt to any kiln configuration: long shell with limited free space around, kilns with multiple shadows generated by posts, etc. EOI’s Kilnscan provides accurate and reliable thermal measurements, multiple alarms for early event detection, historical data to draw trends and schedule preventive maintenance operations, and advanced refractory management.   

Rotary kilns and the paper-making process present several challenges to the operators and workers involved which Electro Optical Industries' Kilnscan may be able to help alleviate. As a trusted source in the infrared technology field for over 30 years, EOI Kilnscans have been used as a preventative maintenance tool all over the world to decrease downtime in production and extend kiln lifetime.  After selling their 1000th Kilnscan last year, EOI’s Kilnscan was also recognized by Paper Industry magazine as their product of the month.