Spynel-M Gets Put to the Test in an Underground Tunnel and Buried Beneath the Ground!

06/08/2016 01:31 pm

In a groundbreaking demonstration showcasing the SPYNEL-M's adaptability and usability in a variety of settings, it was recently tested underground in a narrow tunnel system as well as being buried underground for a more covert operation. 

In an unprecedented testing environment for the SPYNEL-M sensor, it was recently set up and demonstrated in an underground tunnel to evaluate its capabilities in a more short-range, urban space. The tunnel, being about 1-meter-wide and 150m long, was placed on a cabinet along a side wall near ceiling-level. An Ethernet cable was rigged up through a vent above the tunnel and plugged into a Wi-Fi antenna that had direct line of sight with the roof of the building where the “Command and Control Center” was located (at 700m away). We customized the Cyclope GUI display so that one zoom window focused on one side of the tunnel and another one on the other side of the tunnel. SPYNEL ran 24/7 for the duration of the exercise and successfully detected and tracked human targets that entered into the tunnel; from their entrance in on one side, through to the other side where they exited. In another first for SPYNEL-M, it was buried underground to demonstrate a more covert, remote operation. In order to better capture the goings on above ground, the camera was tilted up. As a small quad UAV flew around in the vicinity of the sensor, SPYNEL-M captured the image. As observed from this demonstration, SPYNEL-M continues to be an effective, rugged and versatile surveillance tool that easily adapts to its surrounding and the application at hand. 

Tunnel Pic
The view of the narrow tunnel where Spynel-M performed tests and was successfully evaluated
Detections in N_S Tunnels
A Cyclope screenshot shows the two zoom windows with two targets being detected
Quadcopter UAV detected by Spynel-M
Image of the UAV captured while SPYNEL-M was buried underground 
Spynel-M buried
The Spynel-M hidden by being buried below ground (white cap seen in grass, middle of the image)