Protecting the Mega-Yacht Industry from Pirates

07/30/2013 05:05 pm

The stakes are high in regards to the safety of yacht crews on the open water. Electro Optical Industries' can provide advanced thermal surveillance with the Spynel-S to give an early alert to oncoming pirates.

Three Somalis were convicted this month of piracy, kidnapping and murder in the 2011 shooting deaths of four Americans sailing in the Indian Ocean off of Oman and could face the death penalty, according to court documents. The men, a total of nineteen involved, boarded the yacht, held the passengers captive and planned to sail for Somalia, but the 2 American couples were killed.  

"From 2008, what we've seen is they (pirates) have evolved ... and increased their capabilities." said Cyrus Mody, manager at the International Maritime Bureau in London told CNN in 2011. 

There is a tremendous need for early and long range threats in maritime environment. The security stakes are high for the yacht crew being that isolation at sea and day- and night- time threats require military grade equipment. 

Electro Optical Industries’ has recently released the Spynel-S, their new mid-wave infrared 360 degree camera ideally suited for maritime applications. The passive, gyro-stabilized Spynel solutions have been proven at sea with Navy’s specific for anti-piracy. The thermal camera withstands salty sea sprays and foggy weather and is useful for navigation purposes. 

With an early RHIB alert on asymmetric threats of 12 kilometers away, the Spynel-S can help yachts around the world protect themselves from pirates and other threats.