News in IR test equipment

05/17/2013 11:51 am

HGH Infrared Systems announces three exciting new releases to their blackbody product line. 


HGH Infrared Systems has been making infrared test equipment for over 30 years. Their latest innovation is the TwiN1000. The TwiN1000 double extended area blackbody is an absolute infrared reference source. It consists of a head with two independently regulated emissive surfaces, controlled via a single electronic unit. Compact and cost-effective, TwiN1000 is the ideal blackbody for applications which require calibration temperatures to jump from one to another within a second.

With the will to meet increasing customer expectations in convenient tools facilitating test campaigns, HGH has developed an eBlackbody application and a LabVIEW driver. eBlackBody is a smartphone application acting as a remote control for HGH’s blackbodies. With a swipe of a finger on a smartphone or tablet, all blackbodies parameters can be displayed and modified. With their LabVIEW driver, HGH’s blackbodies can be easily integrated into complex multi-devices test benches.

"For years now, we have had the privilege of developing close relationships with faithful customers” said Catherine Barrat, Test&Measurement Product Manager. “By analyzing their requirements, we have started several development projects. These three new releases are the first exciting new innovations we will bring this year to fully meet their needs”.


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