New Improvements for EOI’s Cyclope Software continue to take flight in Airport Surveillance

04/28/2017 02:11 pm

Cyclope software now incorporates ADS-B identification into its detection and tracking information for Spynel products.

For over ten years, EOI’s advanced image processing software, Cyclope, has gone through a number of improvements since its first release, in an effort to optimize operator experience and usability. The software analyzes the 360 degree images taken by the panoramic infrared thermal sensor, Spynel, providing real-time detection and tracking of an unlimited number of threats either on land, at sea or in the air.

This latest advancement incorporates the ADS-B information broadcasted by commercial planes. A valuable tool for airports worldwide, the ADS-B plugin is an option to integrate within Cyclope an aircraft’s identifier information and accurate location data. At operator request, the ADS-B data can be fused to the thermal tracks automatically displayed by Cyclope on Spynel panoramic images. The operator can also customize and select to display both tracks, thermal and ADS-B ones, or only tracks not identified by ADS-B data.

An ideal and proven solution for airport surveillance, the Spynel/Cyclope system is able to detect small temperature differences between potential threats and the sky background; tracking any type of aircrafts, even hard to detect ones, including: drones, microlight aircrafts, hang-gliders, single-engine airplanes, jets, fighter or stealth aircrafts, and airliners.

With several recent security incidents at airports, security measures taken should be vigilant and proactive. EOI’s Spynel system with Cyclope software’s ADS-B plug in provides a robust stand-alone surveillance solution to ensure secure airports and a safe flying experience for all.

Watch the plugin in action here