New Cyclope v3.5

07/08/2013 08:37 am

New functions and new design for Cyclope, software for automatic target tracking.

After more than 8 years of developments, Cyclope has reached maturity. The time has come to rethink the design. And it changes everything!

Cyclope is a high-performance motion detection software. Combined with HGH’s Spynel, panoramic infrared imaging camera, it provides unsurpassed 24/7 situational awareness. Alongside the launch of new models in the Spynel product range (see Spynel-S launch announcement), HGH chose the multi-awarded NoDesign agency to recast Cyclope’s GUI. The challenge was not only to set up a new graphical appearance, but first and foremost to enhance software architecture in order to provide users with improved ease-of-use, while maintaining high target detection and tracking capabilities. Among the new features, the timeline window, the bookmark function, the new layout selection interface, help surveillance operators with quickly discriminating and classifying multiple potential threats. Click on the picture to have an overview of Cyclope 3.5. 

This software version is also compatible with the last developments for the Spynel integration into global security systems, such as GPS, AIS and radar data integration, and automatic control of PTZ systems for target identification.