Electro Optical Industries to Debut Innovative VGI-150 to Test Commercial Cameras in Automotive, Communications Markets

01/19/2017 02:52 pm

EOI's newest product, the VGI-150, will be unveiled at the SPIE Photonics West Tradeshow in San Francisco, CA January 31st-February 2nd.

Cameras used for automotive backup, cell phones, and surveillance are being produced in larger quantities every year with costs continually being driven down. When reducing cost, there is a risk that the performance and quality is degraded, especially in response to stray light entering the camera’s lens. Poor quality coatings and materials can result in a camera system that is susceptible to glare and will reduce image quality leading to not seeing the bicycle in the driveway and other mishaps. To test the performance of these cameras and to make sure that when reducing costs that quality is not lost, the Veiling Glare Index Test enabled by the VGI-150 is used. 

The Veiling Glare Index Test is a measurement of the image obscuring light scatter in a lens system done by determining the contrast between black and white target areas. The VGI-150 provides a high contrast (>5000:1) black target hole surrounded by white light entering the lens at glancing angles. The VGI-150 Test System is an innovative, unique design utilizing a sphere within a sphere to keep the overall size to less than 0.5 m diameter. There are two detectors, one to measure the dark target and one for the white light level in the outer sphere (up to 20,000 ft-L). 

VGI-150 requires only one eighth of the volume to perform Veiling Glare Index measurements per ISO 9358 compared to the large spheres described in the standard. The small footprint allows for easy deployment on a production line and helps lower cost overall. The availability of the VGI test in a small, affordable platform will drive the consistency and higher performance of the low-cost cameras we are increasingly reliant on for backing up our cars and taking good quality selfies with our phones.